Lincoln Place


Lincoln Place is a permanent supportive housing program offering 24 efficiency apartments located in Eagan, Minnesota. The program serves homeless and/or disabled young people and is designed to increase self-sufficiency and decrease the risk of future homelessness. The Link provides comprehensive case management services including educational and employment support, independent living skills instruction, and access to additional support services on site and through referral. Lincoln Place is a collaboration between The Link, Dakota County and the Dakota County Community Development Agency.


Lincoln Place serves homeless and/or disabled at-risk young adults ages 18-24 in single-occupancy units. In addition to these preferences and eligibility requirements, participants must: 

  • Pass a drug/alcohol test (urinalysis) at entry and be willing to comply with a drug/alcohol-free policy 
  • Meet HUD definition for homeless or at risk of homelessness: Homelessness Definition
  • Be capable of living independently, with supports
  • Be in school, working, or productive in some other manner a minimum of 20 hours/week
  • Qualify as a resident or community member of Dakota County, or wish to re-establish residency in Dakota County
  • Pass a criminal background check
  • Some units may require a form of disability or diagnosis of a Serious Mental Illness. Disability Definition



The Link's Vacancy Policy has changed in accordance with
the Coordinated Assessment Process which is a Federal HUD mandate 

and is a collaborative effort across each county region to have on central access point
and waitlist for each county.

To apply, please call the Housing Crisis Line at 651-554-5751 (then dial #2)
or 612-483-6635

To contact the Program Manager:
Rory Burton-Feeney
651-209-1681 ext. 101 (direct)
612-229-8491 (cell)